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What Are Coffee Roaster Smoke Filter Systems?

Coffee roaster smoke filter systems are devices that utilize electrostatic filters to eliminate pollutant smoke and odor particles that are formed during the roasting process.

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The Roasting Process

During the coffee roasting process, the oil inside the beans surface and burn, thus creating smoke and odor. 

However pleasant these odors may be, your business will receive smoke and odor complaints over time.

Eventually, your business will be evaluated within the standards of emission laws by your local authority.

Therefore, in order to not risk fines and sanctions associated with not upholding emission laws, the filtration of these air pollutants become a necessity.

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Our Coffee Roaster Smoke Filters

If your coffee roasting business is getting smoke and odor complaints, we can help.

With air filtration systems we developed for coffee roasting machines, we guarantee filtration efficiencies up to 99.7%. 

Our coffee roasting smoke filters are equipped with electrostatic filters and come along with all of the benefits of them.

Feel free to contact us through your choice of communication to get more information on the air filtration systems you need.

Frequently Asked Questions

SPhase series electrostatic air filters are designed to completely eliminate visible smoke and greatly reduce unwanted odors. Up to %99.7 filtration efficiency can be achieved with the correct configurations.

Just washing the filters periodically is sufficient. This period may vary from every 3 weeks to 2 months depending on factors such as the intensity of the pollutants etc. Industrial washing machines or pressure water can be used for the cleaning process.

A standard SPhase electrostatic filter module uses only 100 watts of electricity per hour. This value increases in direct proportion with the filtration capacity.

Our coffee roasting filtration units are delivered ready to be used. Moreover, they’re equipped with rolling wheels for ease of portability.

No maintenance period is required to keep electrostatic filters running efficiently besides periodic cleaning. A guide on properly cleaning the filter modules is included on the user’s manual.

Electrostatic filter modules  themselves work silently. But the required fan units may be loud in higher capacity filtration systems. Customers with noise pollution concerns may request silent fan models to be used in their filtration units.

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