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What Is Oil Mist?

Metalworking machines require the utilization of metal working fluids (MWF) to cool and lubricate and work effectively. These fluids are mixtures which may contain different types of oils, additives and contaminants. Droplets of these fluids are called oil mist when airborne.

Oil Mist And Smoke Formation

When metal working fluids come in contact with fast rotating tools (drilling & milling), they disperse into the air and create oil mist

Oil smoke on the other hand, are smaller than 1 μ diameters and are created when metal fluids burn and degrade when in contact with high temperature surfaces (grinding procedures).

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Negative Effects Of Oil Contamination

Irritant materials icon   IRRITANT CONTENTS

   Oil mist droplets of both small and big sizes can cause irritation of eyes, nose and throat. Such droplets can even deposit in the lungs and contain carcinogenic materials.

slipping-hazard icon   SLIPPING HAZARD

Oil mist that have settled on the floor will cause an increased risk of slipping, threatening the well-being of everyone around.

fire hazard icon   FIRE HAZARD 

Oil mist which consists of highly flammable material, that have settled on the the surface of the machinery or the ceiling will drastically increase risks of fire.

maintenance icon   MAINTENANCE 

Mist settled on the machinery may corrode them and damage them, alongside sensitive electronics. Which will lead to high maintenance costs and times.

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Oil Mist Filter Systems

Wherever oil mist or smoke is generated, during processes of grinding, turning, drilling, milling, hardening, lathing, cold heading, our oil mist filter systems are effective in providing workable environments.

Whether it be older machines or newest technology CNC machinery, effective extraction and filtration of such pollutants are made possible by SPhase oil mist filtration products we develop as Havmak.

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Havmak Oil Mist Filter Application
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