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Practical and stylish, Eco-Purge Home Smokeless Charcoal Grill Units are designed for those who want to enjoy grilling in the comfort of their own home, without disturbing their environment with pollutants such as smoke and odor. Eco-Purge Home provides a premium grilling experience that is compact, ecological and practical.

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What Are Smokeless Charcoal Grill Units?

A compact grilling system that comprises of everything you need to enjoy emission-free charcoal grill experience. Eco-Purge Home is a single unit, plug-and-work system that enables you to grill while it filters pollutants such as smoke, grease and odor from the cooking area. Eco-Purge Units come along with all of the advantages of electrostatic filters and more.

How Does Smokeless Charcoal Grill Work?

Smokeless charcoal grill units are equipped with Havmak Electrostatic Filters and are dependant on them for their air filtration function.

In order of sequence:

– The smoke and other pollutants coming out of the grilling are is sucked in by the special design fume hood.

– Then, with the help of the fans, the unit circulates and passes the polluted air through its air filtration systems.

– The smoke and grease particles in the polluted air are accumulated in the collector plates of the filters.

– Finally, the filtered air is extracted through the air outlet by the exhaust fan module.

Smokeless Charcoal Grill Features

You can request your grilling unit in different dimensions to your desire. For the grilling area, you’re not limited only to the standard charcoal grill option but also can choose gas grill and electric plate for your unit.

What’s more is that the Eco-Purge units do not need maintenance or replacements. You can use your smokeless charcoal grill for many years by just washing it periodically, as instructed in the user’s manual.

Custom DimensionsCharcoal Grill
12 Different ColorsGas Grill
7 Different Wood FinishesElectric Plate
No-Installation NeededEasy To Clean
Quiet (50DB)Elegant
Smokeless Grill Options

What Are The Grill Options For Eco-Purge Home?

The cooking area of Eco-Purge Home can be requested as fire brick plated charcoal grill, gas grill or electric plate grill.

You can even place your own grill in the unit, provided the measurements of it are suitable.

The net area for the cooking units come in the measurements of 70x40cm for the standard model.

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Does Smokeless Charcoal Grill Need Installation?

By itself, Eco-Purge Home does not require any installation for use in semi-open spaces such as yards, balconies or terraces.

Simply plugging it in and pressing the filter on/off button is enough.

However, using units with charcoal grill in completely enclosed spaces without making an air duct connection and extracting the filtered air outside may put you at a risk of carbon monoxide poisoning. For this instance, a flue kit should be procured and an air duct connection should be made.

Fans, spotlights and filters can be turned on and off through the control panel. As the unit contains many electronic components within its body, it should be protected from external weather conditions.

Areas Of Usage For Smokeless Charcoal Grill

Smokeless charcoal grill unit can be used for any food including those that give off pollutant particles such as smoke, odor, grease etc. while cooking.

Charcoal Grill Customization Options

You can customize your smokeless charcoal grill unit to make it visually fit the design and concept of your home.

By choosing different body colors and wood detail coatings, you can get different color combinations to your taste.

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Havmak designs, develops and produces all of the products it sells within its facilities.

Any product you purchase will be manufactured in and sent out of our factories straight to your business.

This way, we eliminate the third parties and provide you support in the most effective way possible both before and after buying our filtration units.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What makes Eco-Purge Home a “unique smokeless grill” is that it doesn’t interfere with the method of cooking in order to stop pollutants such as smoke and odor. It enables the user to grill traditionally without altering the taste and form of the food.

Just washing the filters periodically is sufficient. This period may vary from every 15 to 20 grilling sessions depending on factors such as the intensity of the pollutants etc. Industrial washing machines or pressure water can be used for the cleaning process.

Spotlights, Aspirator and The Filtration System uses only 150 watts of electricity per hour in a standard smokeless charcoal grill unit.

While Eco-Purge Home can filter pollutants such as smoke, grease and odor, charcoal grills give off carbon monoxide gasses when lit and can still be dangerous to use in completely enclosed spaces. Simply opening some windows or using smokeless charcoal grills in semi-open places like balconies or terraces, where they’re designed to be used would be ideal.

Electrostatic filter modules  themselves work silently. But the required fan units may be loud in higher capacity filtration systems. Customers with noise pollution concerns may request silent fan models to be used in their filtration units.

No maintenance period is required to keep smokeless charcoal grill running efficiently besides periodic cleaning. A guide on properly cleaning the filter modules is included on the user’s manual.

Yes, Eco-Purge Home grilling units are designed primarily for those who live in urban areas. The product enables the user to grill without disturbing their surroundings and neighbors, in apartment balconies, terraces etc.

Yes, we can make smokeless charcoal grills in any dimensions you want.

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