Venturi Scrubber

Havmak Scrubber, Venturi Scrubber, Wet Scrubber, Scrubber

Havmak Venturi Scrubber systems combine the conventional spraying methods with its venturi modules. Through this, these scrubbing systems are able to remove pollutants from flue gases at a higher efficiency.

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Havmak Scrubber, Venturi Scrubber, Wet Scrubber, Scrubber

What Are Venturi Scrubber Systems?

Venturi scrubber units are filtration systems that are used for the removal of air pollutants by inertial and diffusional interception. They are effective in removal of pollutants such as dust, sawdust, soot, smoke or odor. These wet scrubbing systems can be used in a wide variety of areas such as industrial plants or restaurants.

How Do Venturi Scrubbers Work?

Venturi scrubber systems accelerate the flue gas stream to spray the scrubbing liquid and increase gas-liquid contact. In such systems a “throat” section is built in, in order to force the gas stream to accelerate as it narrows and expands. As the flue gas enters the venturi throat, both gas velocity and and turbulance increases. Thanks to the turbulance created, the scrubbing liquid is atomized and particle-droplet contact is improved to achieve higher filtration efficiencies.

Havmak Scrubber, Venturi Scrubber, Wet Scrubber, Scrubber

The Advantages of Venturi Scrubbers

  SAFE   –   Can handle flammable and explosive dusts with little risk.

  MIST EFFECTIVE   –   Can handle mists.

   LOW MAINTENANCE   –   Relatively low maintenance.

  EASY INSTALLATION  –   Simple in design and easy to install.

  MODULAR EFFICIENCY   –   Collection efficiency can be varied.

  COOLING EFFECT   –   Provides cooling for hot gases.

  CORROSION RESISTANT   –   Corrosive gases and dusts can be neutralized.

Where can Venturi Scrubbers be Effectively Used?

Our venturi scrubbing units can be effectively used in any industrial or commercial or residential area for the pollutants listed in the visual. Feel free to contact us to get free of charge consultation about your air filtration needs.

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