about havmak

Havmak Clean Air Technologies

Our main mission is to minimize the environmental impact of air polluters on people and the planet. With the solutions we can provide, we help you create efficient and safe work environments.

Air that is clean of harmful pollutants is essential for a sustainable and efficient work environment. Pollutants such as dust, smoke, fumes and odor must be captured before they can affect product & service quality, people’s health and safety, equipment longevity and regulatory compliance. Service and manufacturing industry both want to boost profitability by making their operations as efficient as possible. And therefore, they must keep their employees safe from air pollutants and meet high environmental standards.

As Havmak, we can help you create efficient and safe work environments with our air cleaning solutions. Our great range of products meet high standards on quality and profitability. We take it upon ourselves to both protect the people from harmful air pollutants and also to provide our customers with solutions that are efficient, reliable and profitable. 

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