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What Are Factory Air Filter Systems?

Factory air filter systems are devices used for making the dirty air that is generated during industrial processes harmless to the environment.

These products may come in different sizes and forms to accommodate for different intensities and types of pollutants. With the ever-growing industrial structure, the filtration of these harmful particles are more important before.

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Factory Air Filter Working Principles

Sieve Effect Working Principle

The pollutant particle is larger than the gap between the fiber filaments and gets trapped.

The G4 Fiber Filter and the G2 Metal Filter is an example of this type.

Factory Air Filter - Inertial Mass Effect

Inertial Mass Effect Working Principle

At substantial particle sizes and air flow velocity, the pollutant matter collides with the fiber filament, rather than being deflected.

This effect increases with the acceleration of the air velocity, particle size and shrinking of the fiber filament size.

The HEPA Filter can be given as an example to this type.

Factory Air Filter - Interception Effect

Interception Effect Working Principle

Pollutant particles and filtration material exert forces of attraction on each other. The larger fiber filaments attract the relatively small particles and once the particles have been intercepted they remain stuck between the fibers.

Moreover, as the particle size increases and the distance between fiber filaments and fiber sizes decreases, this effect amplifies.

Diffusion Effect Working Principle

Particles smaller then 1μm oftentimes exhibit erratic an course, a phenomenon referred to as Brownian motion. Increasing the chances of the particle colliding with the fiber filaments.

Additionally, this effect amplifies as the air velocity increases and particle/fiber size decreases.

Electrostatic Effect Working Principle

Lastly, electrostatic effect utilizes electricity to attract particulate matter onto the filter surfaces. Filtration effect diminishes as filter surfaces get covered with particles.

The Electrostatic Filters can be given as an example to this type.

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Factory Air Filter Application

Where Can Factory Air Filters Be Used?

factory air filter usage areas
And countless other industries...
factory air filter usage areas

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