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Designed with businesses that experience air pollution issues in mind, SPhase Electrostatic Filters provide solutions that are effective, efficient and affordable.

Electrostatic Filter Module

What Are Electrostatic Filters?

Electrostatic filters are air filtration devices that utilize electricity to collect solid and liquid pollutant particles such as smoke, oil vapor, odor, dust etc.

How Do Electrostatic Filters Work?

Electrostatic filters use the scientific principle of “law of attraction” or “opposites attract” to function.

In order of sequence:

– The dirty air with the pollutant particles are sucked into the filtration system by the fans.

– Then, the pollutant particles are charged with negative polarity by the high voltage ionizer electrode.

– Thanks to the “law of attraction”, the particles are pulled onto the collector plates, which are charged with positive polarity.

– Finally, the filtered air is extracted through air vents by the exhaust fans.

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The Advantages Of SPhase Electrostatic Filters

  HIGH EFFICIENCY   –   Visible smoke is completely removed, undesirable odors are diminished greatly.

  MODULAR DESIGN   –   Can be used in businesses with different air pollution levels thanks to its multi-pass configurations.

  DURABLE   –   Rewashable filter design allows it to be used for years without replacements.

  PLUG AND PLAY  –   No installation besides mounting and air vent connection needed.

  ENERGY EFFICIENT   –   A single electrostatic filter module spends only 100 watts of energy per hour.

  SYNERGISTIC DESIGN   –   Supplementary Activated Carbon and UV-C filters reduce the workload and increase efficiency.

  SILENT   –   Can be equipped with silent fans on demand, reducing sound to great extent.

  CONTINUOUS FUNCTION   –   Uninterrupted 24/7 working functionally thanks to spare filter modules.

  FIRE SAFETY   –   Prevents fire hazards such as chimney fires by collecting inflammable materials in its filters.

  HIGH QUALITY STANDARDS   –   Conforms to quality standards of CE, TSEHYB, ISO 9001:2008, TM and SSB.

Choosing The Right Electrostatic Filter

Choosing The Right Air Filter

Naturally, the particular intensity of pollutants differ from one business to another. For instance, a fast-food restaurant would give off much more smoke and odor than a café.

For this reason, electrostatic filters are produced in different designs and capacities to accommodate for different types of pollutants.

However, uninformed buyers might risk inconveniencing themselves by either:

– Buying an inadequate air filtration system and have the emission problems of their businesses persist.


– Buying an over capacity filtration product, suffer from high buying prices initially and high operating costs in the long term.


Havmak Support

To avoid these problems, factors such as the type and intensity of pollutants, flow rates should be taken into consideration by professionals.

As Havmak Clean Air Technologies, we give great importance to diminishing the effects of air pollution and solving our customers’ problems.

So, we provide this service completely free of charge to our customers.

Installation Options For Electrostatic Filters

Interior Air Filter Setup

Interior Electrostatic Air Filter Installation

Exterior Air Filter Setup

Exterior Electrostatic Air Filter Installation

Areas Of Usage For Electrostatic Filters

Electrostatic air filters can be used in all areas that require the filtration of pollutant particles such as smoke, odor, oil mist, soot, dust etc.

RestaurantsKebab ShopsFood Stalls
Fast-Food RestaurantsConfectionersSteakhouses
Seafood RestaurantsHotelsLaser Cutter Workshops
Plasma Cutter WorkshopsIndustrial FacilitiesMetal Cutting
Food FactoriesDoner ShopsCoffee Roasters
CateringPet Food FactoriesFeed Factories
Processing PlantsWelding SmokeGrinding Machines
Pharmaceutical PlantsLeather ProcessingButcher Shops
SolderingHeating BoilersPrina Production

And countless other businesses can make use of electrostatic filters to control air pollution problems.

Contact Us

Havmak designs, develops and produces all of the products it sells within its facilities.

Any product you purchase will be manufactured in and sent out of our factories straight to your business.

This way, we eliminate the third parties and provide you support in the most effective way possible both before and after buying our filtration units.

Feel free to contact us by:

Sending an e-mail to    support@havmakair.com or giving us a call by dialing    +90 232 532 00 19

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Frequently Asked Questions

SPhase series electrostatic air filters are designed to completely eliminate visible smoke and greatly reduce unwanted odors. Up to %99.7 filtration efficiency can be achieved with the correct configurations.

Just washing the filters periodically is sufficient. This period may vary from every 3 weeks to 2 months depending on factors such as the intensity of the pollutants etc. Industrial washing machines or pressure water can be used for the cleaning process.

A standard SPhase electrostatic filter module uses only 100 watts of electricity per hour. This value increases in direct proportion with the filtration capacity.

Electrostatic filters use the technique of precipitation and are suitable for filtering all shapes and forms of smoke particles.

No maintenance period is required to keep electrostatic filters running efficiently besides periodic cleaning. A guide on properly cleaning the filter modules is included on the user’s manual.

Electrostatic filter modules  themselves work silently. But the required fan units may be loud in higher capacity filtration systems. Customers with noise pollution concerns may request silent fan models to be used in their filtration units.

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