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Designed specifically for businesses that demand a sterile and breathable indoor air quality, UV-C air filter units provide solutions that are effective and economical.

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What Are UV-C Air Filters?

UV-C air filter units are device that utilize ultraviolet light rays to get rid of unwanted odor particles and harmful microscopic organisms such as viruses, bacteria, fungi etc.

How UV-C Air Filter Works

How Does UV-C Air Filter Work?

UV-C air filters emit ozone gasses at certain light frequencies. One of the most powerful naturally occurring oxidizers, ozone disrupts the molecular structure of odor particles.

Additionally, UV-C air filters utilize ultraviolet light rays to disintegrate the DNA structures of microbiotic pollutants such as viruses, bacteria and fungi.

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The Advantages Of SPhase UV-C Air Filter

Sphase UV-C Air Filter units come equipped with electrostatic filters and all of the advantages that come along with them.

  INCREASED EFFICIENCY   –   With the help of the primary electrostatic filters lightening their workload, Sphase UV-C air filter units work with increased efficiency.

  DURABLE   –   With the help of electrostatic filters, UV-C air filter life is prolonged and can be used up to 1 year.

  EXCELLENT ODOR FILTRATION   –   A proven method of odor filtration for many years, UV-C air purifiers are further supplemented.

  ENHANCED INDOOR AIR QUALITY   –   UV-C air filter units increase overall indoor air quality and help decrease symptoms of respiratory ailments.

  AIR STERILIZATION   –   UV-C air filter units eliminate microbacterial pollutants particles such as viruses, bacteria and fungi, and help prevent the spread of infectious diseases.

Areas of usage for uv-c air filter units

Areas Of Usage For UV-C Air Filter Units

UV-C air filter units are predominantly used in businesses such as pharmaceutical plants, food processing plants, hotels, hospitals, sports centers etc., where high indoor air quality and sterilization standards are sought.

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The Role of UV-C Air Filter Units In Kitchen Ventilation

In kitchen ventilation applications, UV-C air filter units should only be used as supportive devices. In businesses where heavy amounts of pollutant particles such as grease and smoke are involved, these devices need to be initially supported with primary electrostatic filters.

UV-C air filter units can only be used efficiently in such areas by following this particular filtration process. Otherwise, UV light bulbs would get covered in pollutants and quickly lose its effectiveness.

Installation Options For UV-C Air Filter Units

Interior Air Filter Setup

Interior Air Filter Installation

Exterior Air Filter Setup

Exterior Air Filter Installation

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