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What Are Welding Smoke And Fumes?

Welding fumes are formed when a metal is heated above its boiling point and its vapors condense into very fine particles. Welding fumes generally contain particles from the electrode and the material being welded, which may be a complex mixture of metals metallic oxides, silicates and fluorides. When inhaled, such materials may lead to short and long term health complications, and they need to be disposed of properly with welding air filter systems.

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Methods Of Welding Air Filter Systems

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Firstly, ensure the most suitable welding process is utilized for the application. In addition to that, the material should be cleaned of oil, coatings and rust. This is just the beginning step, making sure there’s minimal harmful fumes are created during welding process. Additional steps will have to be taken to ensure welding air filter systems function properly.

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At source extraction is the most effective way of stopping welding fume accumulation and protecting the welder. Source extraction methods of a downdraft and backdraft workbench, or extraction arms positioned closely to the welding area can be utilized for this purpose. 

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In situations where source extraction is impossible, separating fume sources from the rest of the environment is an alternative option. Using extraction hoods equipped with welding strip curtains and enclosing the area welding processes are done is ideal.

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In situations where methods of source or isolated extraction is not ideal, general air filtration and ventilation combined with protective gear is the best option. In this method, the accumulated welding fumes are collected and filtered with the help of various ventilation systems.

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Advantages Of Filtering Welding Fumes

A cleaner working environment would prevent the whole premises from pollutants.

Besides providing a sanitary working environment for everyone, welding air filter systems help keep the machinery in top shape by keeping them clear of dirty fumes.

Apart from that, it can serve to eliminate health complaints such as asthma or eye irritation and increase the overall work efficiency of the workplace.

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